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N o e l l a

U P I T I S 

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Art tells a story and while I am a visual artist, I like to think that I am also a storyteller. As I evolve and grow as an artist and as a person, each of my collections is accompanied by a new narrative. 


This last year was challenging as the rug was pulled out in my personal life. This experience, although painful, left space for other doors to open.  As the world has begun to shift, I have found myself shifting with it.  Change is difficult - not only for myself, but also for my loved ones. Journeying with me, they have had to modify what they thought was an expected path, for an unfamiliar one.   


The iceberg shape is a common theme in my work.  Like an iceberg, what you see above the waterline is vastly different from the heavy lifting that occurs below.  I am interested in unpacking all of the mystery boxes trapped below the surface of my own consciousness.  In embracing my authentic self I hope to welcome more kindness, acceptance and healing.  


In this story, colour dominates the work often set against flat black or deep contrasting colour. Fragmented pieces of a puzzle join together, finally finding their place. This series, Boxes Left Unpacked, expresses suffering and strength, pain and grit, loss and integrity. Joy triumphs and finds expression in colour.


I am a storyteller. This is my story. 

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