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N o e l l a

U P I T I S 


Submerged Realms and new series Positive Disintegration

Noella Upitis is an artist whose work delves deeply into the realms of the subconscious, exploring themes of memory, perception, and personal transformation. Her previous series, Submerged Realms, is characterized by its geometric and hard-edged forms, brought to life with vibrant hues of teal, lime green, and hot pink. These compositions serve as a visual exploration of the mind, revealing hidden areas that demand revisitation or revelation. Viewers of Submerged Realms often find that the series acts as a mirror, reflecting their own mental landscapes and how they relate to the world around them.

Upitis' latest body of work, Positive Disintegration, represents an evolution in her artistic journey. Described as both rigorous and intuitive, these pieces often take weeks to complete due to their intricate process of layering. This method allows Upitis to access deeper layers of the subconscious, making each piece an intimate and personal exploration. She views this series as embodying the duality of death and rebirth, a theme that is visually represented through the shifting palette from warm sienna and metallic golds to cooler, darker tones of blues and greens.

Drawing from the surrealist tradition, Positive Disintegration reveals a newfound visual lexicon of symbols and motifs unique to Upitis. These elements draw inspiration from dreams, as well as personal and collective memories, crafting a surreal world that invites viewers into her inner life. This series is not just a collection of paintings; it is an invitation to witness the artist's personal metamorphosis and the universal themes that connect us all.

Noella Upitis continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art, making a contribution through her innovative techniques and thematic explorations. Her work not only captivates but also challenges viewers to delve into their own subconscious realms.

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